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Off The Track Horses aims to spread awareness about the range of possibilities these beautiful animals can bring into the right person's life.
We feature stories of thoroughbreds enjoying their journey in life after racing. Whether they are top show or performance horses, companions, therapy horses or trail mounts, many thoroughbreds are making the transition successfully and having a positive impact on people's lives.
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life after racing

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Not the Dream You Thought

Not the Dream You Thought

So You Think is one of the best stallions in the country and while his glamour Group I winning mare Nimalee sold for $3.6million at the Inglis Chairman’s Sale last Thursday evening, earlier that day I took a drive to the Southern Highlands to check in on the progress of a So You Think gelding following a different path in life.
Tips from Top Show Judge Mardi Mangan - Part 1

Tips from Top Show Judge Mardi Mangan - Part 1

Highly respected equestrian and show judge Mardi Mangan provides some exclusive tips on how to get the best out of yourself and your horse in off the track show ring events. She and daughter Elle recently judged at the Equestrian in the Vines event in the Hunter Valley.
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